Sunday, May 5, 2013

Spring is in the air!

Happy spring, my sweet readers!

Now that the beautiful and much awaited sun is out in all its glory, it's time to spend more time outside than in.
I hope everyone's finals went well and was better than this:

Now that finals are over and there is no more snow, we can do so many activities! 

This past weekend, I went to Holland, Michigan to attend the tulip festival and it was AMAZING! It was so beautiful and it made me so happy to see how many people can come together over nature's magnificence.

I got to see tulips,

Look at those late bloomers in the middle. Just kidding. I feel your pain. 

 and people in Dutch attire dancing and I got to visit the art fair where I got this awesome necklace!

I really enjoy going on historical tours where I get to learn about the land, it's one of my favorite things to do. If you must know, I despise history taught in classrooms. Only because it's not interesting unless you can relate what you see in real life to it, like old houses, etc. I also really like museums, alas no one wishes to go with me. 

It's okay, I understand. Not really. 
There are things you have to do during this wonderful season. Like be happy and play outside, even if you're an adult. When was the last time you played outside? 

I have a favor to ask of all of you, go outside, at least read or do some of your work outside, it's so nice and it's not going to stay forever. AND, the sun is good for you. Vitamin D. WebMD that sh*t. You know what, don't. WebMD will probably tell you that you have jaundice and will die of sepsis in 24 hours or that you're pregnant. Stupid WebMD... turning us into hypochondriacs. 

This post is random I know, I just really want to be outside! I'm going to post more picture on Facebook of my weekend, so come see them! 

Just remember, when you're sad think about how happy all the little critters outside are, and how happy the flowers are. Everything is buzzing and chirping and rustling and growing and being its beautiful self, so go join it because you are beautiful too. 

Things to do on this 


1. Go outside.
2. Soak in the sun & get some of that vitamin D.
3. Smell the roses, literally, smell the flowers. They smell so niiicceee. The roses haven't bloomed in this region yet, I know. But I shall wait patiently in the shadows until they do...
4. Do jumping jacks.
5. Go for a run, rollerblade/skate, skateboard, skip, gallop. Do your thing.
6. Lay in the grass.
7. Have a picnic! Yurrmmy.
8. Read a book (outside).
9. Do your homework (outside).
10. Say hi to the neighbors you don't know. 
11. Open a lemonade stand and send all profits to a charity.
12. Do something that makes you happy.

I hope everyone had / has a wonderful weekend and upcoming week! 

In reference to the question I posted two weeks ago: 

My favorite love song of all time is

 Isn't it a great song? Gotta love the King. 

Question of the week:

What is your best / favorite feature of yourself?

It can be a physical feature or a characteristic of your personality. Actually, answer both. Comment below! I would love to see your answers! 

Tune in next week! 

Much love.


  1. Victor Shade possesses the patience of the gods!

    1. Thank you, Victor... Do you also have a favorite physical feature of yourself?

    2. Victor Shade can peer into your soul with his eyes!

  2. Physical Feature - Dexterity/Reflexes (helps with getting stuff done (work, school, sports, video games :P!)

    Personality - Patience (willingness to be there/listen and being calm with how I approach things)

  3. I would have to say my high self-esteem. I know that may seem arrogant and all, but if I need to make myself feel better, I can DEFINITELY almost always make myself feel better

    1. Having a high self-esteem is a beautiful thing. Own it girl. :)Everyone should have a high self-esteem and know it. However there is a fine line between being arrogant and being confident, knowing that line is what is important. :) <3

  4. I've got the best of both worlds!!! And you know what I mean! ;)

    1. I do know what you mean! I'm glad you have that! :)