Saturday, May 11, 2013

But, whyyy?

Hello my sweet fellow human beings. 

Let me begin by apologizing for the pointless post last week. When I said my mind was outside, it really was.
On a side note, I apologize for this post because it was complete and posted earlier in the day and for some reason it disappeared. I am sorry for the inconsistencies with what you read before. I'm not very happy that this happened.

I turn into this adorable puppy when I apologize.

This week I want to talk about some difficult topics. All of them surrounding the question: Why?
A lot of terrible things happen around us, to us, and to people we care about. And we are taught by example to worry and stress over these situations. The only thing worry and stress has ever brought us is thought paralysis. What happens when a loved one dies, or when you lose your job, or when you don't get what you want? We stress and worry and cry all with the one thought: What will happen to me?
Deny it all you like. A large part of your thought is revolving around yourself. We all do it. You do it, I do it, your parents do it, your friends do it, people you have never met do it. We always think about ourselves. I do not mean that people don't ever think about others or help others. Because I know all of you care and help others and I thank you for that. Life is hard, it's true. It can be difficult and frustrating,  but in times of unhappiness, trust me, happiness is to come.

Chuckie, you're like 2 or something.

Moving to the main question in this post. Why? We all ask it. I ask it constantly due to my excessive levels of curiosity.

Why did that man kidnap those girls? 
Why did that woman kill her boyfriend?  
Why did those men rape that little girl?
Why did those people bomb an area full of innocent people? 

We can talk for hours about why these people (who in my mind don't deserve to fall under the category of people rather less than the scum of the Earth) did what they did. But remember that what these people do to other people is something no one can ever rationalize. I know it's difficult to accept because as humans we just want to know what would move someone to do such a horrendous act toward a fellow human.  And be proud that you think that because that means that you would never do such a thing. However, there are acts on a much smaller scale that we commit. Like lying, judging an individual negatively,  hurting someone's feelings. A few years ago I went through a difficult situation, and it filled me with hate and anger. It got so bad that I would lash out at people who weren't even involved. There are times when it still happens but I have a better handle on it than before. 

When things get rough, talk to someone about it. I made a huge mistake by not telling anyone any of my problems until years later. And someday I will get the help that I need, but today is not that day. Find ways to vent. I personally vent by talking to a close friend, working out, occupying my day completely and by crying. I cry, like a lot. So many things make me cry and I'm not ashamed of it. I don't mind being considered sensitive because it helps me relieve myself of overwhelming emotions. 

They made Pearl after me, because I am notorious for flooding buildings with my tears.

Just remember that everything will be okay. You are loved. You have people who care, love and wish to help you at all times. And if someday someone doesn't want to listen, maybe they have something that's bothering them too, don't hold it against them. You may always talk to me if you like. Trust your loved ones. They may not completely understand your situation, but the fact that they are willing to listen makes them awesome. Give them the benefit of the doubt and talk to them. Good and bad things will continue to happen, you have to remember that life goes on, and so should you. 

Enough seriousness. 

In reference to last week's question, my best / favorite feature of myself is my smile, because I like making other people smile. Smiling is contagious, do it more often. :) Plus, my smile seems bigger than my head.


My favorite personality characteristic is my ability to feel for others. I like making people happy and I like being able to help someone however I can. Making someone's day or even 5 minutes of their day is the best feeling. 

Question of the week:

What hidden talent do you possess? It doesn't have to be extraordinary, it just has to be some quirky ability you have that most people don't know about. 

Have a great week! Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers and expecting mothers out there! 

Be nice to one another. Much love.


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    1. That's a great hidden talent to have. Everyone should possess such a talent :)