Saturday, April 13, 2013

Pretty sure rain is wet

For all those who live in the Midwestern Region of the great U.S. of A like I do, you may have spent your day indoors. Because this fine day wasn't so fine on outside of the brick boxes we like to call home. For those who are unaware of the forecast in this area, I have provided it for you.

It was grey and raining and snowing and cold all at the same time. Gloomy as gloomy can be.
As much as we wish it was bright as an average spring day should be, just remember that we need this sad weather to make the rest of our spring and summer b-e-a-uuutiful!

Need something to do on your rainy days? Or even on those days you feel like Squidward? Then boy, do I have news for you!

1. Take a longggg bath with bubbles! Boys, there is no shame in this, baths are awesome and they make you smell and feel squeaky clean!

2. Eat a handful of your favorite Girl Scout cookies! My favorites are Samoas & Thin Mints! 

3. Make yourself a nice, hot cup of tea. - I do this everyday just because tea is fantastic.

4. Bake something! -Baking is so great and I personally feel so accomplished after I've made something, plus I love sharing food, it's so much fun to see other people enjoy what you've made. 
For those who say they can't bake, I don't believe you. But here is a link for a delicious banana mug cake  I made it this morning, it turned out great. Unfortunately, I didn't wait for it to cool like it said in the instructions and I burnt my tongue. Don't do that. 

5. Watch a funny movie! I recently watched Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. It's hilarious and weird and different. 

6. Paint yo nails, sista! I painted mine this beautiful "Tout Sorbet" color by Sally Hansen. It's bright and so pretty and it  totally made my day. Guys,there is no shame in this either, do what makes you happy.

7. Talk to a friend you haven't seen or talked to in a long time. No harm in approaching them first, plus we have all the technology necessary to make this possible right under our noses. 

8. Watch this adorable video, guys and girls alike will find this entertaining and sweet: Partly Cloudy  Thank youuu Pixar.

9. Or watch this one: 4 year old vs. the Curb Watching this little kid persevere through what most call a disability is a beautiful thing. Plus I'm obsessed with the way he keeps saying, "I can do it."  

10. Use your IMAGINATION, my sweet children. This is one of the greatest gifts that we were given. Daydream, make up things (but don't lie), draw a picture, write a song, invent something. I know you all have the ability to do this. If you can't figure out what to do, go talk to a little kid. Please don't talk to children you don't know, you'll scare them and you don't want their parents filing a harassment suit against you. Seriously though, talking to children is awesome, they have the coolest insights and they know exactly what to do with this beautiful thing called the imagination. 

Be like this:

Not like this:

In reference to last week's question: My favorite word is ABOMINATION!
Not because of the meaning, but because it's so much fun to say.

Question of the week:

What is your favorite joke? 

Answer below! I love jokes, all kinds of jokes, cheesy ones especially.

Much love, my sweet people.


  1. A man walks into a bar...

    and says "ow!"


      Sad, but HILARIOUS!

  2. Doctor: Hey Banana! What happened to you???
    Banana: I'm not peeling well!
    *wink wink*

  3. One of my favorite comedians, Russell Peters, performance remark: "Do you know what it is sir? Do you know what the Dance Dance Revolution is? It's not an actual revolution, so you don't have to worry about that. It's not like a bunch of Asians are going to knock on your door 'Hey! Start dancing!'" ~ Russell Peters