Sunday, March 31, 2013

Welcome, fellow Earthlings, to my BLERG!

Just to be clear, blogs are really not my thing. I'm very bad at committing to diaries, blogs, journal entries, taking notes, etc. But, there's no harm in trying again, right?

Let's start with who I am. My name is Nimi, which rhymes with Jimmy. I tell this to people because they assume that my name is pronounced "Knee Me." Which makes me feel like kneeing them. I'm not a violent person, I just think it's an amusing image.

Um. I am 21 years old as of this past March and I'm not really reaping the benefits of being legally allowed to do whatever my heart desires. I type the way I talk, so if whatever I typed sounds weird, just read it in my squeaky voice, and if you haven't heard my voice before, I don't know what to tell you. My favorite color changed from yellow to red, but I'm still very fond of the color yellow. How can someone hate a color that seems so happy?

I am majoring in Business Management / Administration and I want to work in an HR field someday. Doesn't really sound that exciting, but I decided that I should be realistic about my career choice considering that I'm too shy to sing and I really don't have the voice for it. I have a secret dream to open up my own little bakery, even though I can't bake.

I have a significant other that I've been with for over a year now. I call him Boo. Like all the time. Even when I yell at him the only name that comes to mind is "Boo." It's probably because I'm not very fond of his real name. Don't get me wrong, the meaning is beautiful, but I know wayyy too many people with that name, my brother included. Weird? I know.

I don't really do much with my life. I sleep a lot, and I mean A LOT. I sleep at any chance I get. I'm not even sleep deprived, I just really love that feeling of being asleep. I even take classes after 11 am because it maximizes the number of hours I get to sleep. My favorite food might be buttered noodles, and I say might because it's really all I eat lately.

I really love to smile, everything makes me smile and laugh which results in people not taking me very seriously. One time in high school, I remember having to run around the school and tell people before they left that our meeting day for the debate team changed to that day. Everyone thought I was joking and went home. So if you need someone to convey a message to the people, never consider me as a viable candidate.

Okay, so this blog is going to be about something. I don't know what, but probably random thoughts and questions I have. I'm a super curious person, and I can't rest until I have the answer to something that I want to know about. I also plan to post comical things that I find online or my own strange life experiences.

Read if you please, don't criticize too harshly, because even bloggers have feelings. If I ever pose questions to people, feel free to answer because I would love to read your comments.

Sorry for the long opening post. Much love. 


  1. This is a pretty accurate description of you I think :) Looking forward to more!

    1. Thank you my love!! It's great to have a reader <3

  2. More more more...... share more thoughts! All the thoughts!

  3. You also like chocolate chip cookies!

    1. Aww my lovee! I do! I love those cookies you gave me. Oh my goodness that seems like so long ago! I miss you soo!! Message me sometime please!! <3